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Reviewer: fast ffred
Saw Bree Anna, alast week, at her incall. I had seen her, before so it was easy to set up the appt. She was dressed in this white outfit, that showed off her curves. We talked for a few minutes, then to the bedroom. Started with BBBJ. Then to 69, which I love. Then to CFS, several positions. I was worn out, by her. Worth the trip to Vegas. Bree Anna is Vet Much the Real Deal.
Reviewer: Tatup'S
im a young male 23, and wanted to experience an older women, my cousin has been with brie twice before and told me about how great she was, he sent me her email and she sent me a link to her old website, the pics weren't that great but i trusted him with her appearance, he described her to be phenomenal so i decided to go with her, 2 days before taking off to vegas at the beginning of the year, i decided to give her a call, she told me a little bit about herself and just seemed very comfortable and at ease. just talking to her those 5 minutes i got hard and she wasnt trying to be seductive it was just her voice. when me and my friends arrived in vegas we checked in at the harris that thursday night, i knew that my friends werent going to be at the hotel so i stayed in and called for my appointment. when she walked in she was wearing a white dress with a white hat, kinda funky but cool, she brought about six candles with her and a small cd player, she asked me to get comfortable so i got naked and just layed in bed, she took five minutes in the bathroom and came out with a white bra and stockings and no panties, she sat on my stomach and we began to kiss, then i pulled her up to my face and began to eat her hairy sweet cunt, as she stroke my cock after a few minutes she put a condom on with her mouth and began to blow lick and suck all over me, while i was still sucking on her cunt, after about 10 minutes i decided to get up out of bed and stand up fucking her doggy style, thats the only way i know to make it last longer...for anyone who want to experience brie, i'd say its well worth it, she'll make you feel like you have been dating for a long time, you'll get enjoyment from as well as from what you do to please her...dont pass her up
Reviewer: BEESEE'S
I had found her website through a Las Vegas escort search service and was extremely turned on by her nude photos. Since I wasn't sure how recent they were, I figured that (with my luck) she would turn out to be much different than what I'd seen online. when she arrived at my hotel, I was pleasantly surprised to discover she looked BETTER than than most of her photos. She greeted me with a kiss and a hug - making me feel like I'd known her all along. Then she slipped off her dress, lit some candles she had brought along, turned on her CD player, then began to turn me on like I'd never been turned on before! Bree Anna asked me to disrobe and get in the bed while she freshened up in the bathroom. When she came out, she was completely naked in the candle light. That's when I realized she looked even better than her online photos. Her tits were large and firm, with nice, round, errect nipples. Her waist was small, her hips were big - but not fat. And her glorious pussy was nice and hairy (however it was trimmed and well-kept). Bree Anna got in bed with and asked if want to kiss. I said yes, and proceeded to French kiss her while I fondled and fingered her hairy pussy. By then I had a huge errection, at which point Bree Anna went down and began to suck on it as she slid on the condom. It was almost impossible not to come. Bree Anna told me lie back on the pillows as she turned around and slid my dick inside her , doggie style. Bree Anna proudly told me she had created this techniqe and called it the Lazy Dog. I called it Fuckin' Ecstacy! Just before I was about to come, Bree Anna got off and laid on her back then invited me to get on top. I plunged my dick deep inside her again and again, until I could no longer hold it in. I came so hard I thought I would have blown my condom - but all was well. After my erotic encounter, Bree Anna went to the bathroom and brought back a warm wash cloth. She gently caressed my dick and wiped me off. It was absolutely the best sexual experience I have had since college. I highly, highly recommend an evening with beautiful, sensual, sexy, Bree Anna Michele!
Reviewer: Socalboy2007
typical 2-call excellent phone manners, will dress to your liking, more beautiful than pics she should post new ones. arrives at your place on time and ready to go, she excuses herself to the bathroom and comes out----------See Details!!!!!! Bree Anna is excellent once paid for she make you feel like your the only one on earth, she dresses up or down to your liking, mine was a birhtday suit and boy does she deliver, she enters stark naked and a smile, and those of you that know she is natural, full pussy bush, awesome, i love it natural. she come over and undresses me and start kissing me at the lips and work her way down to junior, by this time junior is no more, he is fully grown and pointing north and she suck better than a hoover. after the all the oral is done on me, it's time for me to go down on her, i do the same, start at her lips down the neck and those wonderful breasts, she pushes my head down to her pussy lets me eat her out thoroughly and makes sure that she cumms. wow!!! she now gets mister rubber on and first wants to do some cowgirl and boy does this girl like to ride and buck her way into another orgasm, we rest for a while an then i tell her i want doggie, but she read my mind and was already on all fours waiting, she was hot and wett and i almost blew just entering, but i held myself back so i could do a couple more positions like 69 and the finale to missionary, she sure can take it all, and when i was ready to blow, i pulled of the rain coat and blew my load all over her bush, which was my fantasy for such a long time. We layed there for a while and talked, what a woman, i hate to see her leave in a couple years, because she is the most wonderful woman on earth. please treat her like the the Goddess she is.
Reviewer: XLOCKE'S
I went through a couple pages of Brees reviews and had to try her. Called her up and setup an appointment for the next morning. She normally doesnt do mornings but woke up early to accomodate me. I called her a half hour before the appointment and she gave me really easy directions and called her at her complex and she guided me right up to her door. When I showed up to her condo she greeted me at the door in sexy black bra and panties with a warm hug and greeting. Offered me pretty much any alcohol and also water since it was in the morning. We went to the bedroom and she said to get comfortable while she got ready, she came back in nothing but nylons and heels and rubbed me down like her life depended on my satisfaction. She is a very good conversationalist, knows what to talk about with which person I guess. Anyways, after the sensual, fully nude massage we got down to business, She told me to roll on my back and started caressing my body and kissing around my groin. Then politely asked if I minded a little bbbj to get me up, of course I said hell yea. After a little playing around she put the condom on with her mouth and jumped on top. At first she was a little tight like pretty much every girl, but then after a while it never really got loose wasnt virgin tight but honestly just right in my opinion. This was by far my best sexual experience I've ever had.
Reviewer: HACKNEY1
Well known provider and easy to arrange a visit. No nonesense about visiting and I arrived at her incall without any problems. She answered the door in a sexy outfit and we sat down on the sofa. Had a drink to get to know Bree Anna and moved to the bedroom.VIP`s read on for details. On the sofa before we moved to the bedroom we got close,kissed and I had a good feel of those tits.Got undressed and onto the bed. I asked her to leave on the panties and bra and we embraced and DFK`d.Started to suck those big tits and felt her hairy pussy.Moved my hand around to check on the ass and Bree Anna responded by grabbing my cock. Good hand action and then down on me to give a good long BBBJ. Good coverage of my balls and cock and back up for more DFK.This alternated for some time and then I removed her panties.I was offered BBBJCIM but wanted to fuck her.On with the hat and into doggie.After a while swung into Mish position and then into cowgirl she tightened her pussy and I shot my load.I then turned over for a massage and after some more attention was getting hard again. Turned to my front and Bree Anna tossed me off making me come hard again.Cleaned me up and was an unrushed good experience. I now believe she is offering 30 mins sessions.
Reviewer: LVGUY1969'S
I called on a Friday night, Bree Anna answered and said she was just walking out the door going to a boxing match, but would love to meet on another day. I had a hard-on all night long... The next day, we set up a date for 1PM. Her condo was easy to find. Bree Anna came to the door wearing only her bra, panties, a huge smile and a ponytail. She invited me in, gave me a stiff drink and we sat on the sofa getting to know each other. Then we adjourned to the bedroom...I've seen Bree's ads on Craigslist for quite a while, but I couldn't afford the $300 minimum. When Bree Anna went to $200 per half hour, I jumped at it.In the bedroom, Bree Anna told me to get comfortable and take my clothes off. She went into the bathroom to tinkle and to super brush her teeth. Bree Anna came out of the bathroom displaying her body - a pair of great D-cup titties and a gorgeous full bush pussy, wow! Bree Anna is very trim, has no tatoos and no piercings except for pierced ears. I complimented Brie on her on her pussy, then I lay down on the bed and she gave me a most excellent BBJ, one of the best in my life. She put a rubber on my dick, climbed on and did the cowgirl on me. Wow! what a sight! - that beautiful hairy pussy bouncing on my dick, those full boobies dangling in my face and that huge smile... Then I came - I think I drained my balls, after all that action. When we were done, we laid there and talked. I complimented her on her pussy again. Bree Anna pointed out that her full bush is her niche, her trademark. After I got home, I checked if she had posted any new ads. Yes, she had a new posting - an ad with something like "Real Woman With A Full Bush in the title - Wow! Thanks, Bree Anna - I'll be back!
Reviewer: VTWIN'S
Spent a couple of days in Vegas on business, and figured I owed myself some fun. Bree Anna had good reviews, and I was looking for someone that wouldn't break the bank for a couple of hours so I called her. And a good thing, too....We met at the downstairs bar at the Venetian for a brief drink, but after a couple of sips it was her idea to head up to my room. We got upstairs and she put those beautiful lips to work - kissing like long lost lovers for a while, as we slowly worked clothes off and over to the bed. She went down for some BBBJ, and she has a wonderful sensuous technique - not a knob gobbler here. She gradually sped up, until I couldn't take any more and had to slow down. She happily laid back for some DATY, and she has a very sweet tasting puss. After a few minutes she pulled me up to the missionary, and we kissed and moaned into each other's tongues as I lost it and busted a nut all too quick. We talked and she filled me in on Vegas life, and soon it was round 2. She laid me back on the couch, and started a great blowjob all over again. This time, she mounted me and rode me cowgirl, then doggie style. I told her I had a fantasy to come on her face, and after a moment's hesitation she whipped around on her knees. I pulled the cover off and exploded all over those amazing lips. Will definitely repeat!
Reviewer: JerryJ
I have read many reviews on Bree Anna and visited her web site several times, but never took the plunge since I thought here rates a bit steep. Recently she has taken to posting on Craigs List and has a half hour rate that I found agreeable. Her incall condo is not far from me so we set up a date for 30 minutes later at her place. I called when I got near her gated community and she gave me good directions to her place on the phone. She met me at her door and she is much better looking in person. We sat in her living room and she offered me a soft drink or water as we chatted and got to know each other. And then off to her bedroom.... I placed the envelope on her dresser and got comfortable while she went to bathroom. She came out later in the buff. She started a massage and then a BBBJ..she asked first if that was ok with me...which it is! I suggested 69 after a while and she agreed with reluctance since she has very thick bush down there and most guys do not like eating something that hairy. After a little 69 we went into mish. She has great control of her pussy muscles and can really clamp down. It was a no rush session and we chatted while screwing. We went into doggy for a while and I really rammed her good. Getting close to the edge we went back to mish as that is my favorite position to cum in....which I did. We went over the 30 minutes agreed to, but she did not notice or mind. This one is a definite repeat. Great service, attitude and price. I can see why she gets so many good reviews.
Reviewer: Ted123.Brown'S
Bree Anna was late coming to my room but called to say she was delayed. When she showed up she lit some candles and put on music. I was getting pretty exited after seeing her in a dress which she fills out nicely. Then she asked me to get comfortable as she went into the bathroom. When she came out she was only wearing her birthday suit. She looks good in a dress but once it comes off you can really appreciate her assets. She then proceeded to knock my sox off Brie walked over and gave me a big french kiss. She then got on her knees and took my rod firmly between her lips and sucked like crazy. After a few minutes of that I had to have her and put her on her back and entered her. We screwed in a number of postions for quite some time. She was very pleasant to be with, sexy in every way. We did a number of different postions and after about an hour I had not yet come. I was hard the whole time but didn't want to come yet as I was enjoying myself to much. She started to jack me off thinking I needed it to come. Instead I put it back in her and came fully doing it doggy style. She was great! Spending time sucking her long hard nipples was nice both before and after I came.
Reviewer: bshfdan'S
Saw Bree Anna ad on the internet before I left for LV. I usually look for a younger type but she looked good and I haven't been with a provider in a while so I was looking forward to this. After a few hours at the tables and a few beers I headed for her incall. When she opened the door I was pretty impressed. She had some great lingerie on, see through stuff..... She offered me a drink and sat on the couch for some chat. I really was impressed with her look and wasn't much in the mood for talking. I let her know and within seconds we were making out like high school kids. She is very sexy. She started with a nice cbj and I couldn't wait to get her tits out of her bra. They were very nice. I proceeded with a nice titty fuck and came all over her. We relaxed for a bit and she gave me a nice massage and got me ready for round two. I started with some daty on her nice natural bush, haven't seen one like that in a while. She climbed on top and gave me a nice rcg ride, great view of her ass. I finished with some doggy and she was moving like the house was burning down. One of the best experiences I have ever had, she is highly recommended.
Reviewer: Toesucker78'S
I wanted to meet with Bree Anna long time ago, since she only is available only on daytime i wasn't available to schedule an appointment with her. Finally had a day off, didn't think she was available, got lucky, she was, called her, left a voicemail, and returned my call promptly. After a small talk i was on my way to her incall location. Two call system, knocked the door and was received by a sexy lady, she was wearing see thru panties and bra matching sat. Was invited to seat on her living room and a drink was offered followed by a nice conversation. She really likes to talk and i don't mind since she is not a clock watcher and all her attention was focussed on me. We moved to her bedroom, got comfortable and began to massage each other, her body is very tight and well proportioned, she really keeps on shape. The massage was followed by a cbj (my request) i didn't really feel it was covered, she has great oral skills . Once i was ready, tried several positions until i finished. Cleaned up, cuddled for a little bit, and i was on my way. Never felt rushed, great service, Bree Anna really enjoys what she does.
Reviewer: Smilingblueyes'S
Brie was easy to contact, she picked up, which is highly unusual thes days. By the way, Bree Anna prefers the telephone as a means of contact, she hardly ever checks email. Anyway, we set up the time, with the usual 2 call system. I arrived to an attractive gated condo community, in a nice area. Upon entering, I was very distracted by Bree's outfit, a skimpy lingerie set. She was sipping a martini, and we sat down on the couch to get better acquainted. After learning about several of the local attractions (including a few naughty ones), we adjourned to the bedroom. Once we got comfortable, we started to make out like high school sweethearts....great DFK and light groping to set the mood. Porno playing on the TV was a nice touch also. Then off to the races...BBBJ, quickly turning into a delicious 69 session. Moving to the main event...on with the cover...CG, mish, doggie, and more BBBJ. Then some mutual stroking, and Brie finished me off with a combo BBBJ/HJ. Overall, a great time with a terrific lady....I will repeat!! Thank you Bree Anna.
Reviewer: JK788"S
I initially contacted Bree Anna via email. She replied that she preferred phone contact so I left a voicemail of when I would be in Las Vegas and the preferred time to get together. She responded positively and was looking forward to seeing me again. She resides nearby the strip in a very nice condo. When I arrived she was dressed in a white bikini. She looks very good for a mature woman. She greeted me with a warm hug and a light kiss. She invited me to sit on the couch. She is a very good conversationalist. I found her quite open about her private life. She did not want to engage in any intimacies because of her smokers breath. We adjourned to the bedroom. She went to the bathroom to freshen up. Then she came out naked and we engaged in lfk to dfk. I enjoyed her large breasts and nipples. She gave me a great bbj and paid extra attention to the boys. I asked her to put the cover on and we went from cowgirl to mish where I could not hold it any longer. She went to the bathroom and got a warm towel to clean me up. To sum it up she is a true professional and a pleasure to be with.
Reviewer: TAYLOR466'S
I contacted Bree Anna via e-mail for a second visit in a year. It took a few days for her to get back to me by phone as she is getting away from e-mail appointments and moving to TER and other websites. She responds almost immediately by phone. An appointment was set up at her classy and clean incall location (she prefers incall and so do I as it is more relaxing all around). She opened the door wearing an absolutely sexy black outfit and her two best assets were right there for the taking. She offered me a drink and we sat and chatted for a few minutes, catching up as we met last year. She makes you feel right at home with her friendly personality and warm demeanor and it just warms you up to what is to come. We proceeded to the bedroom... where she encouraged me to get comfortable and make myself at home. I viewed the porn on the flat screen in her bedroom (nice touch) while Bree Anna went to the bathroom to freshen up. She returned in her birthday suit, looking as wonderful as ever, her full, beautiful breasts moving slightly as she walked. Her figure was something to behold and hold it I did. We kissed and groped for some time where she went down and gave me a bbbj. Not wanting to pop prematurely, I pulled her up and on to the bed we went. More groping followed and it was hard to leave those perfect, soft, large breasts but duty called at the y-- oh so sweet and moist. I had a full dinner, fondling those breasts at the same time. After she climaxed, another bbbj followed. The cover went on and the first pop was doing cowgirl. Those breasts in my face and hands were fantastic. After she cleaned me up, we talked and played lightly with each other until we were both ready again. On went the cover and doggie was on the menu this time. What a view-- that ass is perfect and the shape of her body was exciting. Reaching around grabbing a handful now and then-- isn't life grand! A second pop wasn't in the cards for me that day but not for the lack of Bree Anna trying. Another clean up, followed by some cuddling and the time was up. Brie is a fantastic lady and she enjoys what she does and it shows. Bree Anna is a must see when you are in Vegas. She also gets to Chicago and Ohio from time to time so look for her travel dates on her website and this website.
Reviewer: MR.Loverqqrove
Well there are nearly 16 pages of reviews on Bree Anna and they are all very good... There is a reason for that, you guessed it, Bree Anna is VERY GOOD at what she does. VIP's you know the deal, non VIP? get to reviewing or open your wallet, the details are where its at!!! After seeing her posts for what seems like years I finally took the plunge. Very easy to get in touch with, make an appointment and meet up with. Arrived at her working apartment I was glad to see Brie puts some effort into making it feel like a persons apartment not just a flop house for fucking. After some chit chat it was off to the bedroom. I decided on the Frenchie as she calls it for $100. As I said earlier Brie is a true professional when it comes to sex and it showed in her BBBJ ability. I was really enjoying myself when after a few minutes she asked if I was ready? I said I was having a great time, relaxing and enjoying a great BBBJ from a beautiful MILF when she explained to me that the Frenchie was only for guys who wanted to drop by drop 'em and get off. And since that wasn't going to happen for me that I ought to move up to the one full round of golf. Being the seasoned veteran that I am, I was already prepared and didn't consider it an up sell. I would have been more than glad to lay back and relax for 20 minutes and just had an awesome BBBJ. Well after laying out the additional $100, we headed to daty and 69 both very enjoyable. she climbed aboard for CG, flipped for 2 versions of doggy and then some mish. As the end of my time approached I decided I wanted to finish with a BBBJ/HJ/DIRTY TALK combo... It was really good... I guess my only complaint is my own fault, I read her reviews before finally decided to meet Bree Anna and the session was exactly like all of the reviews. If you havent indulged, I suggest you do, Brie is a gr8 sexual companion, one who you will have a great time with. Read some of the reviews and you will know exactly what you are in for... I am glad I did it, YMMV!
Reviewer: lvlqqny
I'd heard so much about Bree Anna that I finally decided to see what the fuss was about. Her incall location was very neat and clean. She answered the door in a skin tight minidress and led me back to her room. After the exchange of gift, the fun began. Bree Anna looks exactly like her pictures. Her body is amazing with almost no fat on it. Those into the unshaven pussy fetish will be well pleased. She started with an intense bbbj which almost made me pop. I then tasted her sweet box which brought about moans of pleasure from her. We then did it in a variety of positions--mish, cowgirl and finally doggie. She is a great conversationlist and makes you feel real comfortable. She is a definite must see. Overall, a great experience.
Reviewer: InspectorMorse
I've lived in Las Vegas for almost 7 years and in that time Bree Anna has always been one of the most well known and well respected independent providers in town. However, I had never expereinced her, until now that is. A gave her a call and she answered right away. We set up a time for a little bit later at her incall that is west of the strip. Got to her place and she let me in. She was wearing lace panties and bra, and thigh high stockings. She was looking real good. She offered me a glass of wine and we talked for a few minutes before heading to the bedroom. I had booked the quickie special, but the session was not rushed at all. As a matter of fact it was one of the best quickie specials I have ever had. She had a porn movie playing on the TV in the bedroom. I took off my clothes and she took off her bra and panties and we laid on the bed and went right to DFK. Then she moved down to my hard cock and gave me a great BBBJ. I played with her all natural pussy while she was doing the BBBJ, all natural is so rare these days. Then she positioned herself so I did DATY on her in a 69 position. We continued this DATY and BBBJ for a while, and when I was close she finished me off with hand job so that I came all over her tits and dripped down on me. She got a warm wash cloth and cleaned me up. I got dressed and we kissed good bye.
Reviewer: DANINLA'S
When she came to my hotel room, she was dressed conservatively, but once she came in, we hugged, then kissed, and all conservativism went out the window. We were like kids, kissing and fondling.She a mature provider with a great little body. In the sack, it was as good as it gets. She had me lie on my back and watch her put the cover on me. She immediately rubbed her wonderful breasts on me, getting my attention, very quickly. Between my legs, she sucked my covered friend and licked my balls. I had to have her slow down, so that we could continue with other things. I took a turn, having her lie down for some DATY. She was clean and seemed to like it a lot. I climbed aboard for MISH and turned her over so that our session could be completed with Doggy. Don't miss the doggy. This lady's bottom is worth the trip to Nevada. I highly recommend her, and I will definitely call her again.
Reviewer: Pitvipper'S
I showed up at her condo and she opened the door and gave me a nice big hug. We started off talking and she offered me a drink. I paid for th 1/2 hour and we were off to the races. She started to get me hard and put on a condom. We 69'd for a little and she jumped on top of me cow girl style until i finished. She was super nice the entire time and i am going to repeat the next time i am in Vegas!
Reviewer: MRCOFFIE'S
She really enjoys french kissing and having her feet massaged, and then I spread honey on her tits and licked it off slowly while feeding her honey, and fingering her clit. Above all Brie gets off via DATY and it's a great item to put high on the menu to get things started...but you have to be patient, and be creative with your fingers as well as your tongue. Think 15 minutes or more. Then the first go round I had her on all fours with her knees near the edge of the bed, with me standing behind. I got in as deep as I could from the rear, and then reached around and fingered her clit while probing her ass with the thumb of my other hand. After she started squealing some, I got my hands into her hips claw-like...banged her deep and hard... We rested some and had a little drink... Round two, some massage, and back to the Y for more as she brought out a small clit vibrator to raise the temperature even more... She did some CBJ and then to the final climax: mish, dog, on the table, carried her back to the bed for extremely dynamic mish to finish off with a big explosion... She seemed dazed. I was left twitchin'. Bree Anna is veru big on enthusiasm and hygiene, and you can't really go wrong to see her in Sin City.

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